About Liz

Liz qualified as a yoga teacher in 2005 with The British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma Course. The British Wheel of Yoga is recognised by the Central Council for Physical Education (CCPR) and Sport England as the National Governing Body for Yoga.

Liz teaches Hatha Yoga, therefore all her classes start with a short relaxation combined with an awareness of the breath before moving onto posture (asana) work and finishing with breathing (pranayama) excercises and a final relaxation/meditation.

All classes are well planned and balanced; they are suitable for all students no matter their age, fitness level, flexibility or weight; modifications for each posture are given to students if necessary as they progress on their own Yoga journey; Yoga is not in any way competitive and there is a great emphasis on this throughout the class.

Liz draws her influences from many teachers and different styles of Yoga from all around the world.  Her teaching is ever evolving as she constantly strives to bring a fresh awareness to her students, therefore, no two sessions are ever the same, every week is different but with a common thread running through all the classes.

‘On studying all the philosophies, I have come to the conclusion that none is more worthy of study as the Yoga philosophy’.
Siva Samhita 1.17